Child Care Law / Childen's Law / Family Law

In Child Care Law, sometimes called Family Law, we act on behalf of the children and/or parents. Examples of the cases we handle are:


  • Care Proceedings
  • Child Arrangement Orders
  • Children's Rights
  • Contact/Access
  • Disputes between parents
  • Domestic Violence/Abuse Problems (Injunctions)
  • Human Rights
  • Parent’s Rights 
  • Prohibited Steps Orders
  • Residence/Custody  

Are you experiencing problems with harassment?


It is possible for you to gain protection from your abuser by making an application for a civil injunction. The two types of injunction  we deal with are:


A Non-Molestation Order
The main objective of these orders is to prevent the perpetrator (who must be ‘an associated person’)* from using or threatening violence against you or your child, or intimidating, harassing or pestering you in any way.


An Occupation Order
These orders regulate who can reside in the family home and can also limit the perpetrator from entering the surrounding area. These orders are appropriate when you do not feel safe continuing to live with the perpetrator or if you want to return home after having left due to domestic violence/harassment and have the perpetrator excluded.


In order to apply for either of these orders, the perpetrator must be ‘an associated person’ which means:


You are or have been married to each other
You are cohabitants or former cohabitants
You live, or used to live, together in the same household
You  are relatives
You are engaged, or used to be engaged, to one another
You have a child together
You are in an “intimate relationship of significant duration”
You are both involved in the same family proceedings (eg, divorce or contact)


Children Law or Child Care Law is very important to us which is why we are also specialists in Education Law.

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